We're testing out a new menu, so things will be rotating in and out for a bit.

To give you an idea, here are some of the items currently on our menu: quesadillas, wings, smothered fries, chimichurri nachos, and more.

Looking forward to serving you!

We utilize an "Order & Pay" system that allows you to scan a QR code at the table to order, reorder, and pay all from your phone! An automatic 20% gratuity is included on each bill. Credit Card needed on site to access Order & Pay.


  • make it a wrap +$1
  • add blackened chicken +$5
  • add grilled shrimp +$7
Mediterranean Salad

romaine, lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, purple onion, avocado chunks, lemon vin, feta

Caesar Salad

shaved parm, cucumbers, house caesar dressing, everything-spiced croutons

Heirloom Salad

heirloom & cherry tomatoes, crushed mint, burrata, pepitas, baguette croutons, lemon vin

Green Papaya Salad*

shredded green papaya, shaved cucs, cherry tomatoes, snake beans, shaved carrots, Thai basil vin: Fresno chiles, lime, pistachios


Hungry  Like  The  Wolf

served with side of house fries

THE Burger

double patties, cheddar cheese, giardiniera aioli

Spicy Nashville Chicken Sandwich

habanero chili sauce, house vinegar slaw

Chick Pea Patty (V) Sandie

tomato, onion, lettuce, basil pesto yogurt

Rock Shrimp Po' Boy

fried rock shrimp, tossed in thousand island, served on a hoagie roll


shredded pork, shaved pickles, mozzarella, mayo, mustard, served on a stove top-pressed hoagie

Quesadilla  Villa

14" tortillas folded in half, serves 1-3

Shrimp Quesadilla

shrimp, pineapple habanero, avocados, chihuahua

South West Loop Chicken

marinated chicken, jalapenos, hot sauce, cheddar, topped with house guac & sour cream

The Savory Vegetarian

crispy chickpea patties, chihuahua, sliced pepperoncinis, tomatoes, ranch, topped with house guac


shaved beef, tomatoes, sauteed onions & peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella & chihuahua blend, spicy aioli, guac on side

The Skinny Italian

prosciutto, tomato, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, basil, pesto aioli

The Not So Skinny Italian

salami, prosciutto, mozz, tomato, oregano oil, pepperoncini's

Big A Quesadillas - Jumbo 14" Round Serves 4-7

choose one the options above or mix and match!

It's  Electric

for the table

Loaded Waffle Fries

green chili queso, chorizo, pickled red onions, pico de gallo, spicy avocado crema

Grilled Shrimp Skewers (2)

charred pineapple, red pepper, purple onion, this one's got a little heat!

Tortilla Chips & Salsa

choice of: pico de gallo, housemade guac (+$4), salsa verde

Wings! (6)

classic wings, tossed in your choice of house Electric Glaze

Garden Frites

house-seasoned, choice of dipping sauce

Cauliflower Nugs

breaded deep fried cauliflower, tossed in your choice of Electric Glaze

glazes: buffalo, sweet Thai chili, lemon pepper

Rock Shrimp

fried baby shrimps, tossed in your choice of Electric Glaze

glazes: buffalo, sweet Thai chili, lemon pepper

Neon Elotes

skewered half corn on the cob, smothered mayo,
dipped in choice of crunch: crushed hot Cheetos, blue Takis, spicy Fritos

Veggie Stir Fry*

kimchi with fried kale, zucchini noodles, cilantro lime




misshapen fried dough balls, tossed in powdered sugar

Deep Fried Oreos

need we say more?

Cinnamon Rolls

mini cinnamon roll pockets, fried, tossed in powdered sugar

Fried Uncrustable

what it sounds like…mmm PB&J

Electric Sundae

5 scoops ice cream, chocolate sauce, reeses pieces, sprinkles, cherries, whipped cream, cherries, served with a sparkler

Sundae Scoops

flavors: chocolate, strawberry & vanilla

Pups  Menu  (Kids)

served with fries

Grilled Cheese

Chicken Tenders

Kids Burger

For  The  Pups   (Real Pups!)

Grilled Chicken

Doggie Burger

Ultimate Pupshake

frozen peanut butter and yogurt, pupperoni “straw”


Electric Indigo  |  $11

our house mojito. Cihuatan Indigo aged rum, muddled mint, lime, blueberry puree, simple, soda topper. oh, and it glows!

Mule in the Garden  |  $11

Drake’s Organic vodka, lemon, hibiscus ginger beer.  patio vibes.

Slightly Salty Dog  |  $12

Ketel One Botanical, grapefruit & lime juice, simple syrup.  poured over ice with a half-salted glass rim. little buddy included - woof. 

**don’t like salt? ask for a "greyhound"
Dirty Shirley  |  $12

she's poppin' off in New York, so we decided to bring her to Chicago. vodka, grenadine, hint of citrus, Sierra Mist topper, maraschino cherries. she lives!

Saz-Saz-Saturday  |  $12

a Sazerac Rye Sazerac: absinthe rinse, simple, orange bitters.

Smoke & Fire & a Mango  |  $13

a mezcal marg fusion. 400 Conejos mezcal, mango puree, lime, Naranja orange liqueur, Firewater bitters.

The Espresso Martini  |  $13

Hexe cold brew coffee, Mr. Black coffee liqueur, and Drake’s Organic vodka topped with Irish cream cold foam & cocoa powder dusting.

OH, you want an Old-Fashioned?!  |  $11

Forester 86 bourbon, simple, macerated brandied cherries, orange peel.  served over rocks.

East End Rum Punch  |  $12

our twist on the East Coast specialty. Cihuatan Jade white rum, dark rum, cold pressed pineapple, o.j, splash of cran.  Meyer's dark rum floater. served in a large glass. 

Do like they do in Montauk; drink a Rum Punch. 
VietFive Cold Brew Cookie  |  $14

we partnered with our new neighbors at VietFive to bring you something special! Doughball Cookie Dough Whiskey (a must try), VietFive Cold Brew, Almond Milk. Stirred to perfection. we're obsessed.

Pool Shark  |  $34

big old shareable bucket!! (serves up to 4!) coconut rum, tequila, blue curacao, pineapple lime, shark gummies, fancy garnishes and fun!

Bottles + Cans

domestics & imports – 12 oz. cans

Bud  |  $6
Bud Light  |  $6
Corona  |  $6
Coors Light  |  $5
PBR Tallboy  |  $5

16 oz. can.

Miller High Life  |  $4
Pacifico  |  $10

24 oz. big boy.

Seltzers + Ciders

12 oz. cans

White Claw Black Cherry    |  $7
White Claw Mango   |  $7
Virtue Cider Michigan Brut   |  $7
High Noon Mango   |  $8
High Noon Watermelon  |  $8
Topo Chico Strawberry Guava   |  $7

*12 oz. pretty glass bottle

Draft  Beer

Miller Lite  |  $5

pilsner - 4.2%

Modelo  |  $6

lager - 4.4%

Warpigs Foggy Geezer  |  $7

hazy IPA - 6.8%

Three Floyds Gumball Head  |  $7

wheat pale ale -5.6%

Stella  |  $7

belgian lager - 5%

Half Acre Daisy Cutter  |  $7

pale ale - 5.2%

Bell's Oberon  |  $7

wheat ale - 5.8%

Guinness  |  $8

stout - 4.2%

Lagunitas IPA  |  $7

IPA - 5.7%

Maplewood Son of Juice  |  $7

fruit juice IPA - 6.3%

Fancy  Beer

Revolution Hazy Hero  |  $7

12 oz. can. New England style American hops in a hazy IPA.  smooth, velvety, fruit-forward flavor and a refreshing finish. 7.3% ABV.

Avery Brewing Paws & Claws  |  $7

12 oz. can.  West Coast hops meet East Coast haze in this dank and juicy IPA.  7.5% ABV

Goose Island Neon Beer Hug  |  $7

12 oz. can. easy-drinking 7.0% ABV IPA with an electric bouquet of tropical & citrus flavors.

Dovetail  |  $10

16 oz. tallboy.  easy to drink wheat beer, aroma of clove and fruit; refreshing on a warm day.  4.8% ABV

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy  |  $7

12 oz. can. traditional weiss beer with refreshing natural lemonade flavor that makes it the perfect summer beer. 4.2% ABV


250 ml cans 

= a glass AND a half! woohoo! ...sip it in a glass, or just can it.

Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc  |  $15

Mendocino County, Cali. from organic vineyards, notes of grapefruit, mango, passionfruit. 

Bonterra Rose  |  $14

Mendocino County, Cali. organic grapes. strawberry, key lime, rose water notes.

Ruffino Sparkling Rose  |  $15

Italy. strawberry, cranberries, red apple. extra dry.

Merf Chardonnay  |  $14

Columbia Valley, Washington. butter, oak, vanilla.

Scarpetta Frizzante Sparkling  |  $11

Italy. crisp & clean Prosecco.

Coppola Pinot Noir  |  $15

California. vibrant, fruit-forward.

Scarpetta Lambrusco  |  $16

Italy. ever so slightly sparkling red. touch of sweetness, tart finish. because cabs are boring and you’re not.

Cruz Garcia Real Sangria  |  $10

Spain. 100% the real deal. it’s so good. add an orange cognac shot + $2

Chilled & On Tap (6 oz. pours)

Matua Sauvignon Blanc  |  $10

Marlborough, New Zealand. classic, crisp, zing.

Pomelo Rose  |  $10

California. fresh strawberries & watermelon on the palate.

We also recommend Pawesome Jello Shots!  Chef's curated flavors.  Booze in jello.  Shaped like paws. $3 each.
* We utilize an "Order and Pay" system at EG.  With Order and Pay, you scan a QR code at the table that allows you to order, reorder, and pay all from your phone!  Automatic 20% gratuity is included on each bill.  Credit Card needed on site to access Order and Pay.


Shadow's Breakfast of Champions

2 eggs your way, choice of sausage, bacon, or chorizo, served with side of smashed tot hash

Taco Truck Breakfast

2 flour tortillas, choice of chorizo & egg, veggie hash, or steak & egg served with side of smashed tot hash and salsa verde

Max's Chilaquiles

fried tortillas tossed in salsa verde, topped with pickled red onions, cotija cheese, sunny side up egg, sour cream

Greek Garden Omelette

feta, kalamata olives, tomato, sauteed onions, served with smashed tot hash

Bacon & Cheddar Omelette

bacon, cheddar, delish

Shadow's Revenge Burrito

scrambled egg, cheese, hash, wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, topped with chihuahua cheese, served with a side of sour cream, house guac, salsa verde

Deep Fried Cinnamon French Toast

house French Texas Toast, deep fried, topped with powdered sugar and whipped cream

Fred's French Toast

Fruity Pebbles, fresh strawberries & blueberries.  like a bowl of your favorite childhood cereal

Papa's Breakfast Quesadilla

homemade bourbon bacon jam, scrambled eggs, cheddar


Bacon  |  $5
Breakfast Sausage  |  $4
Breakfast Potato  |  $4
Eggs Your Way (3)  |  $6

Boozie  Brunch

Bottomless Mimosas  |  $30
Mimosas  |  $6
Bloody Sunday  |  $30

unlimited Big Mich Bloodies

Big Mich Bloodies  |  $6
Big Mich Michelada  |  $6
VietFive Cold Brew Cookie  |  $11

Something special from our new neighbors!: VietFive Cold Brew, Cookie Dough flavored Whiskey, Almond Cold Foam @ a very special Brunch price. Chocolatey, Smooth, Caramel'esque --- it's DELISH.

* We utilize an "Order and Pay" system at EG.  With Order and Pay, you scan a QR code at the table that allows you to order, reorder, and pay all from your phone!  Automatic 20% gratuity is included on each bill.  Credit Card needed on site to access Order and Pay.